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Our Services

American Handyman leads the way in providing electrician and plumber services without paying the exorbitant fees for a dedicated electrician or plumber.  We can add new indoor or outdoor electrical outlets, replace or install new ceiling fans and pendant lights, repair or replace toilets, replace garbage disposal units, install new faucets, install bathroom lighting, install a bathroom heater, address your light carpentry needs and pretty much everything in between (please see services details under each image below).  If you have a need, we have a solution, so let us help change your "home repairs" into your "home improvement realities" today!  Simply click here or call us at 623-640-1529 and let us know how we can help.  Thank you.

Referral Services Network

Please click here to learn more about other services that are available through American Handyman's Referral Services Network.  Simply type in your first and last name and your email address on our Contact form and "Request information about American Handyman's Referral Services Network."

Let us resolve your handyman needs today.  Simply click here or call us at 623-640-1529.

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