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If you're like most folks, when you need a handyman to tackle repair projects around your home, you want someone with good (even great) skills who will be there when they say they will be there.  From what people tell us, there seem to be few if any handyman companies who equal our combination of service, quality of work and dependability for handling Electrical, Plumbing and Light Carpentry projects and home repairs.  So if you're looking for superior workmanship from a company that prides itself in being there when we say we will, you've come to the right place. 


And when you choose American Handyman, our mission is always the same: "To provide our customers with reliable, superior quality handyman service and craftsmanship first time every time."  Our current handyman clientele range from individual households to two entire communities with households numbering in the thousands, so if you have a problem or project, we have very likely seen the same thing somewhere across the spectrum of homeowners for whom we have provided service for nearly two decades. 


If it helps, please refer to our Google Reviews then let us know if and how we can assist you by clicking here or by calling us at 623-640-1529

Thank you for trusting and choosing American Handyman.

Our Process

Our process is simple and straight-forward and consists of the following four steps: 1) we listen to and understand your needs, 2) we develop and provide you a verbal estimate and secure your agreement, 3) we schedule you for the repairs that you need, and 4) we show up on the agreed upon date and time and complete the project to the agreed upon specifications or better. 

Note: On the day your project is scheduled, if a project ahead of yours is taking longer than expected, we will notify you as soon as possible of the delay and provide you with a revised time for arrival at your home.  If rescheduling you that day represents an inconvenience to you, we will assign you our next available day and time.  If your repair needs are a true, time-sensitive emergency, please let our office manager know.

Modern Bathroom

About American Handyman

American Handyman The Back Story

As a young boy growing up in southern California, Larry (Przybylak, founder and owner of American Handyman & Maintenance Services), loved to disassemble everything from skateboards to bicycles to see how they worked, and perhaps more importantly, to see if he could reassemble them without having a bunch of those pesky “extra parts” left over when he was through with reassembly.  Fast forward to his teen years and Larry took a job with one of the oldest and most established hardware-supply stores in all of San Diego County where he was privileged to work with many experienced tradesmen learning about building materials, fixtures and devices.


At 20 years old and already now a bit of a young albeit seasoned business professional, Larry began a career in the Automotive Coatings industry where he became an expert in processes and product applications for refinishing automobiles, heavy equipment and commercial structures, and where he honed his skills in sales, marketing, time management and customer service.  Of particular note, customer service would prove to be the lynchpin in Larry’s becoming very successful in the Coatings industry, a business value that he continues to be extremely dedicated to and passionate about to this very day. 


Despite his successful career in Coatings, however, Larry realized that his true dream was to run his own business where he could fix things like he did as a young boy, so in 2002, he relocated to Peoria (AZ) and opened American Handyman while still working in the Coatings business. Over the next two years, Larry became a licensed contractor and began part-time repair work and small remodel projects in the Northwest Valley after 5PM daily and on weekends. By 2004, American Handyman had become sufficiently successful for Larry to leave the Coatings business and transfer over to running American Handyman full-time as President, CEO…and handyman extraordinaire!    


Larry's mantra since launching American Handyman has been "to be the best of the best" and to date, that's pretty much what he has delivered for nearly two decades, providing his customer base with superior home repairs and maintenance, and his Google Reviews bear that out.  Currently partnering with his wife Kim, their goal has been to provide superior, reliable handyman services by listening to you, the homeowner, then applying Larry's extensive knowledge of repairs in the home to handle virtually any needs you may have in the categories of electrical, plumbing and light carpentry.  Their motto has been and continues to be: "If American Handyman can't fix it, it likely can't be fixed".  So if you have a repair or home project need, please give American Handyman the opportunity to serve you and we will make sure that we care for your home as though it were our own.  Simply click here or call 623-640-1529 and we will handle the rest.  Thank you for considering American Handyman for your home repair and/or home project needs, we look forward to serving you.

Create your repair-free home today.        Simply click here or call us at 623-640-1529.                                   

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